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*Delivery limited to Albuquerque, NM & Rio Rancho, NM.

"The importance nutrition plays on performance and reaching specific body composition is a must for a fitness trainer like myself. Helping my clients reach spcific goals here at Turning Point Strength and Conditioning is made easier by Eat Fit by Nohime. They offer proper nutrition and make it effortless. You’ll definitely want to check out Eat Fit by Nohime!"
~ Steven Horwarth - Performance Coach

"Being a professional fighter for over 11 years, with a very buy schedule, Eat Fit by Nohime creates healthy, great tasting food, delivered right to my door. No more diets that didn’t last long, I can concentrate on my training, get home and have a delicious, healthy meal waiting for me. No more bland chicken, Eat Fit prides itself in a variety of meats and vegetables, all prepared differently each week. As far as a great diet plan - it’s been the best decision of my career."
~ Holly Holm - UFC Bantamweight Champion

"Keeping on the cutting edge of my diet has been made so much easier with Eat Fit by Nohime. No more lost time and super expensive meals I needed to prepare for myself. The work is all done for me, so I concentrate on my fitness practice, my business and my teaching. Eat Fit serves up healthy affordable meals and they are delivered to my house - just heat, eat and I’m ready to go!"
~ Jodie Esquibel - Professional Athlete, Business Owner And
Yoga Instructor

"I use Eat Fit ABQ every time I'm in fight camp! No matter how hard I train or how much cardio I do if my diet isn't on point wouldn't to be able to make the weight. Training 3 to 4 times a day, being a mother, a wife and a business owner has left me with almost no time to take care of my nutrition. I have the utmost trust in Eat Fit for handling all my needs. I am always so amazed at my transformation whenever I am Eating Nohine's meals and tracking my macros. Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself and you won't be disappointed!"
~ Michelle "Karate Hottie" Waterson